Sunny day in Copenhagen!

Am I still in Scandinavia? Is this real life? We walked of our hotel today to something truly amazing: sunshine.  The skies were all blue and, though cold, the air lacked the sting I’d become accustomed to.  It was a beautiful way to end our stay.

We first walked to Rundetaarn (the round tower), and followed the long, winding way up, which is stairless until the very last bit. The spectacular views were well worth the journey and 50DKK (~7usd) for the two of us. With such a clear day, we could easily see Sweden and the entirety of Copenhagen from the 360 observation deck.

We followed up the highest view with the lowest view, a canal tour! It was cool and fun to ride around Copenhagen’s canals in a plexiglass-topped boat that just barely fit under some of the bridges. Though,  being lured in by the central location, we bought the 80kr/per option,  only noticing the 40kr option on the side later. When I asked the saleswoman the difference between the two, she responded that “you pay for the service” and “the staff is what’s different.” Well shit, Sherlock, I was under the impression it was the same company discounting itself.  I’d have appreciated at least a well thought out lie about why the double-priced service was better than the other. Alas, it seems we were swindled. Just go to the cheap one. The expensive-ish one can’t even tell you why you shouldn’t.

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