The calm before the storm

Current time is 4:24 the morning of my departure day! I can’t sleep, with a quiet excitement looming over this spot on my friend’s couch in his eerily peaceful Santa Monica apartment.

This afternoon, I’ll be departing LAX, setting out on the ten and a half hour journey to London—where it all begins!

The bag has been packed and repacked a handful of times over the past week. Settling on 33 items and coming in .5lb underweight, I’m ready physically at least, if not psychologically!

I’ve still got a few quick wrap-up tasks: switching car insurance milage, picking up 3 month prescriptions, boring stuff, but I’m so close I can taste it; I can almost feel the months of truly bitter cold winter I have ahead!

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to you, for following me on this adventure, and I hope just enough goes not-as-planned to be entertaining, without tragedy, of course! (I’ve triple and quadruple checked my flights!)

Great big shout-out to the TripIt app. It’s really helped keep me organized with zero effort. It populates a travel timeline for you based on your confirmation emails to the inbox you connect it to. I love it!

Ah! This is it!

I’ll probably blog again from the airport, so, ta ta for now, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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