Warsaw Arrival

Upon arrival into Modlin Airport, I was shocked and delighted to stroll right out! It was because we’d come from an Italy instead of the U.S! (Within the Schengen Area many airports have border-control free entry for Schengen flights) We deplaned, passed through the baggage area and the “nothing to declare line” (we had nothing to declare). Then, we were in the car rental and taxi pick up area! I had tried to set up a taxi online with Glob Taxi, as recommended by our hotel for the first night, Sleepwell Apartments.

Sleepwell gets 5 stars, no doubt. Glob, though a great deal, requires local phone communication. In an email I asked to set up a taxi pickup for our midnight-arriving flight, and was told to call one of two Polish numbers or use the app. We downloaded the app, and found out quickly that a Polish number was required to register. Sigh. I emailed again, and he said to call upon arrival then wait 15-20 minutes for pickup. Well, upon arrival, we still did not have a Polish phone, and the line of taxis already waiting for us were convincing enough at midnight, after hours of travel. Though there was certainly a language barrier (he said “forty”, meaning fourteen, the address of our hotel, I took that as 40euro. I was wrong.) Glob quotes 99zl for day trips and 129zl for nights & Sundays. We paid 200zl, a difference of about 18USD, and our taxi driver even stopped to get out and call our hotel front desk to let us in! Worth the added cost, in my opinion, though the savings are there for those who bother (if we’d arrived at noon, I’d have bothered)


Unfortunately for stay being a mere 10 hours, our room is quite nice and well decorated, with a modern brick-and-concrete style. The provided shampoo smells great, and the large shower has awesome water-pressure! The receptionist, who stayed late to let us in, was very nice and helpful. The best accommodations we’ve seen yet, and great for a longer stay, as they have a mini kitchen setup in the room.

They’re even allowing us to store our bags in the room for the day while we walk about! It will be perfect to pick them up before heading to a late dinner and an even later overnight train to Zakopane! Off to winter in Warsaw! Ahh (I’m cold just thinking about it).


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